Protein powder not an alternative for cinnamon

By Griffin Thurston

It’s the time of the year where we all gain 20 pounds over the course of a three-day long plunge into the unknown of the food world, or what we like to call, Thanksgiving.
Many of us already know that Thanksgiving became a tradition when the pilgrims feasted with the Native Americans after the first harvest in the New World. They ate things such as lobster, clams, and waterfowl. But, it’s not 1623 anymore, and I’m going to attempt to make an apple pie.
Starting off, I had to go and look at multiple recipes for apple pies. Not only does everyone think that their apple pie is the best, but their 2.0 star rating proved them wrong. Finally I found one with 4.2 stars, and decided that’ll be the one I make.
I asked my mom what ingredients we had and didn’t have, and got shady answers that didn’t really sound like we had much of anything. Against my own judgment, I went to Hornbachers, and bought two bags of 10 apples, frosting, caramel dots, and of course, premade pie crusts. As I walked up to the till counter, I saw English teacher Mr. Puhl, and of course, we engaged in an awkward grocery store conversation. He said couldn’t wait to read this article, so I’m looking forward to someone actually reading it.
Getting home, I had no idea that cutting the apples was going to be so awful. Skinning 20 apples and cutting them into small pieces was extremely boring, and I cut my finger on one. The innards were a nightmare. Not only did I mix up the servings and put way too much flour into the main batch, I had to break up the brown sugar because apparently we just have kept in the cupboard for multiple years. Also, the “brown stuff in the plastic see through container” isn’t cinnamon, it’s “protein powder”. It didn’t really have any effect because it’s only a couple of grains of it in each pie but oh well.
Eventually I had everything prepared. Now, the challenge, figuring out how to put the top pie crust on the bottom pie crust. If you don’t know, you have to fill the pie up high past the container because it all flattens down, which means the two pie crusts need to be pushed together. I left it to my dad who’s an apparent “pie master.” He quickly got all of them put together.
Putting the actual cinnamon and sugar on top of the pies was the actual fun part of the cooking, and the baking went well. What’s cool is you have to put tinfoil around the bottom of the oven, because juices decided to spill out everywhere onto the bottom.
The journalism class had mixed reviews. Not only did I get harassed for putting the protein powder inside of the pie, the protein powder joke will live on for at least a month before it decides to die down and finally be forgotten or it will forever haunt me.
“Well, besides wanting to throw my head through a wall, It was pretty good for the most part” said senior, Jake Loberg. Besides Loberg’s review I thought it went pretty well.