Best of Fargo

As the school year is in full force and teenagers are being loaded up on homework, the only thing on any North High student’s mind is where can they go for spring break. I found one of Fargo’s best Pizza places to be Rhombus Guys.

Located downtown on Broadway this shop offers a variety of pizza. When you walk into Rhombus guys you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff and seated in somewhat of a small area, typical for your downtown restaurants.While at Rhombus Guys I ordered a typical cheese pizza, I of course shared it with my friends and it came quick after the order was placed. The crust was thin but not too crunchy where it felt almost burnt. The little shop is perfect for a quick meet up with some friends but keep in mind that it is somewhat of a costly meal. An 8’’ pizza cost approximately eleven dollars. They have many different flavors and in fact they also offer an amazing smores pizza that I would recommend. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere perfect for a break from all the chaos of your daily life. Although the price was high, its definitely a top spot for pizza places in Fargo.

The next stop after Rhombus guys was Blaze Pizza. Blaze is a newly opened pizza place. Their menu is large, and you can create your own pizza if some of their choices aren’t your favorite. As you walk in, it is almost as if it is a Subway for pizza. You step in line and begin to create your own little master piece. Considering Blaze pizza makes their own crust and then prepares your pizza from scratch they are considerable fast, not to mention their ingredients are seemingly fresh created a delicious pizza. I ordered a cheese pizza their as well and for a 8’’ one topping pizza it was about seven dollars. It is perfect for taking a night out to enjoy yourself and have a great time with your friends, in addition you’re getting quite a bit of food for a good price. The pizza itself is amazing and you get the benefit of knowing it was your own personalized pizza. Each time you go there you can create something new and open yourself up for an opportunity to try something new. Not only is Blaze a great deal for Pizza they also have an unbeatable lemonade that will make your mouth water.

The third and final place I found to be perfect for a hangout spot is Spicy Pie. Their relaxed and casual atmosphere is an ideal place to converse with friends. When you walk into each Spicy Pie, their walls, tables and everything else in between is covered in writing or drawings of all kinds, so make sure if your stopping in for the first time, leave your mark. There is a very laid-back attitude in Spicy Pie so you don’t need to worry about walking in with your pajamas on. They have a wide variety of options that include pizza, grinders, tacos, and desserts. During the week they have a lunch special that lets you get two slices of pizza and a fountain drink for $5. Now with only three locations, after the Spicy Pie on twelfth avenue closed, you don’t need to travel very far to find great quality pizza for a cheap price. Over all if you are looking for the best tasting and most affordable pizza in Fargo Blaze Pizza is the one for you. Their pizza is top notch quality and it is for an affordable price. They’re restaurant is perfect for meeting with friends and enjoying a quick meal. The employees are a very friendly group who try and make your experience a great time. So if you are staying in Fargo for spring break I would recommend making a stop at Blaze.