Morals and empathy should guide you, not political parites


Abraham Lincoln once said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” when the country was once divided by slavery. One hundred and sixty-two years later, the United States more recently has been extremely divided over one issue: COVID-19. And it all can be blamed on the toxic political parties.
I think most people can agree that politics have taken a turn for the worst in recent years, and COVID-19 has really done its job to worsen this divide. It has reached the point where mask-wearing has become politicized, rather than just being something we do to protect those around us. People worry more about doing what’s right amongst their political party, rather than doing what’s right for the American citizens and the country.
“It’s just amazing how we, as a nation, have lost our way, and we have begun politicizing things that in the past there was consensus on,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, head of the American Public Health Association on CBS News.
Way back when the United States was created, political parties didn’t even exist. In fact, George Washington even warned Americans in his farewell address that political parties could lead to bad things. He feared it would lead to a “spirit of revenge,” in which party members would not govern for the good of the people, but for power. This sadly appears to be how the United States works today; each political party’s goal is to stay in charge of the government and to not give any of that power away to the opposing parties.
Not only have political parties gained the power of the government, but they have gained the power of the people. More and more people make life decisions based on what their political party deems to be acceptable. As said before, mask-wearing has become a controversial topic. It is now a thing to assume someone’s political leanings based on if they’re wearing a mask or not, because that is how the politicians are acting. Conservative leaders are much more lenient on requiring masks, because more of their voters are against mask wearing. Liberal leaders already put mask mandates and social distancing rules in place, because more of their voters are for wearing masks.
Especially with this being an election year, more political leaders are wanting to do what their fellow party members want, because they need the votes for reelection. It sounds ridiculous, but it is true. It’s insane how much a pandemic has polarized American citizens. Shouldn’t we all band together to try and stop this virus? Might just be my opinion, but I feel like if everyone could work together, despite their political differences, we’d be in a whole different place right now. You should want to wear a mask, because you’re protecting yourself and others from getting the virus. Your political party’s view on this concept does not matter when masks are saving lives. It is not “infringing on your rights,” because you have a duty to try and help stop the spread of Covid. Topics such as mask wearing are not Republican vs Democrat issues, but being a good person vs being a selfish person.
This pandemic has been affecting United States citizens for 225 days now. As much as some people believe to be true, it’s not just going to go away once one political party takes complete control of the government; we need all viewpoints for this country to work properly. Democrats and Republicans need to learn how to work together and accept each other’s values, because those values reflect the American people. It’s time to change this downward spiral of division in America, and reunite people with the common goal of doing what is best for our country.