How to survive winter when your car breaks down

During the wintertime, it’s always important to know how to stay safe outdoors and indoors, especially in freezing places like North Dakota.
Picture this scenario: your car breaks down on the side of the road and you come to a full stop. Maybe you are out of gas. Maybe there was just a problem with your car’s engine. What do you do? Depending on where you are, whether it’s in town or the countryside, pull over to the very side of the road and signal your hazards lights. Next, try to call for assistance. Try to stay in your car the whole time you’re waiting for assistance unless your car has serious malfunctions. Important things to keep in your car during situations like this include a fully charged cell phone, an extra blanket, a winter coat, gloves, and winter boots.
Common things you can keep in your car, house, or even in a backpack are an extra phone charger, a blanket, a winter coat, gloves/mittens, winter boots (in case you have to go through tall snow), a large water bottle filled with water, chapstick and hand warmers. Did you know that Doritos are great for fire starters? They are also good to satisfy your cravings. So, make sure to grab an extra bag of them and keep them somewhere convenient in case of an emergency.
If you have ever parked your car outside in the winter instead of the garage, you would understand the feeling of dread when you see your car piled with snow and the windows covered with ice. But no worries! Keeping track of when a snowstorm is happening is a great idea so you can prepare for it the night before. Spraying vinegar with water on your car’s windows before a big storm is a great way to reduce the amount of ice on them. Are your car’s tires buried in the snow? Use kitty litter. Kitty litter is great for traction for your tires to help get out of the snow.
Hopefully, you won’t need to experience any winter troubles, but always make sure to stay safe just in case.