NDSU Football Keeps Rolling

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The Bison have kept the tides of victory rolling through this year as it progresses. Boasting seven undefeated seasons over their long history, the team hopes to add another one this year. Last year’s team had a record of 14-1, bringing home a conference and national championship, as they have done so six of the past seven seasons.

Winning is certainly part of the culture of this team, they have an expectation to keep performing at their best, and the team is showing no signs of slowing down. Already this season the Bison have taken a 11-0 record, blowing out opponents, and Easton Stick has done a solid job leading the team to victory. Chris Klieman has shown that his strategies on game day are proven effective time and time again.

In an interview with ESPN, Klieman stating that the ‘physicality’ of the team was the ‘best thing about them’. Not only does the physicality of the team show in the spotlight of these big games, but it gives the team an advantage over the long term of the season if they are simply more physical than all the other teams.

If Klieman can keep the team in a clear mentality, and the players continue to come out to play as they do, there is no doubt we will see the Bison make another run to Frisco. The playoffs are here and the road is never a sure thing. But the team always shows up to make big plays and come up when they need to be clutch, the Bison may just have another undefeated season this year.