“Ralph Breaks the Internet” and Thanksgiving Box Office

Elly Kenninger, Junior Editor-in-Chief

After a big feast on Thanksgiving, sitting in a comfortable recliner watching a movie sounds like the perfect thing to do. Phil Johnston and Rich Moore, directors of the “Wreck it Ralph” sequel, thought so too. “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” the second movie of its kind, was released in theaters on Nov. 21.

Both kid-friendly animations feature John Reilly and Sarah Silverman as Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz. They are contrasting characters from different arcade games who eventually become best friends. That’s about the extent of knowledge you need about the first movie in order to understand the second. This was helpful for many viewers as the first movie was released 6 years ago in 2012.

The movie begins with a message from the directors and a producer of the movie who appear to be having a group FaceTime call with each other. They address the audience and eventually, it leads into the beginning of the film. As with most of the movie, the opening soundtrack is upbeat and energizing. The scene is set in an arcade which appears to be a little run down and not very busy. The audience is then re-introduced to the main characters whose friendship has seemed to grow even stronger since the last movie.

After Ralph tries to improve Vanellope’s racing game, Sugar Rush, by carving out a new track, the young girl who was playing it ends up breaking the steering wheel.
The owner discovers the only proper steering wheel for the game is being sold on eBay for more money than what the game is worth. It seems that Sugar Rush is going to be sold for parts and Vanellope is devastated since racing is her true passion. Feeling responsible, Ralph decides to enter the Internet with Vanellope to travel to eBay and buy the wheel.

As a result of not understanding how bidding works, the two friends end up needing to find $27,001 to purchase the wheel. They try everything to raise the money. Along the way, Vanellope discovers a new game that she would rather be a part of which she thinks is her true calling.

Ralph is crushed that she would leave him and takes his anger out not only on her but the entire internet. The best friends’ friendship is put to the test and shows viewers how real friends can get through anything.

The internet is such a prominent thing to the average person from day to day. “Ralph Breaks the Internet” utilized this to make a very relatable film. Many different current apps and references were used that made the audience laugh and nod their heads in agreement. Because of its fascinating storyline, modern features, and relatable content, “Ralph Breaks The Internet” grossed $84.5 million and deserves an impressive 4/5 Spartan heads.