Conspiracy: Violet Beauregarde should have been chosen to take over the Wonka Factory

Tanna Schloesser, Reporter

In the last couple of weeks, people all over Tumblr have been blown away by a new conspiracy theory. This theory involves the beloved classic movie known as Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Unlike other popular conspiracy theories about the movie, such as Willy Wonka is actually a serial killer, the movie represents cannibalism, or even the theory that each child represents one of the seven deadly sins, this conspiracy involves Violet Beauregarde and how she should’ve won Wonka’s chocolate factory.

It’s hard to forget the gum-obsessed girl that turned into a giant blueberry after chewing on Wonka’s newly created gum. That’s why it seems so unbelievable that she should’ve won the contest. But in a five point Tumblr post, user ‘Evayna’ shared details last week on why she believes Violet should have won. She started off by saying, “Have I watched the movie in the last decade or more? No. Do I have ironclad evidence to support my argument? Yes.”

Evanya’s first point is that Violet should have won is related to the fact that she knew the most about candy. She writes “When Wonka held up a little yellow piece across the room, she recognizes it immediately… Also, the two major projects play directly into her strong suit: the 3-course-meal gum that Wonka failed to make safe (gum) and the never ending gobstopper (longevity).”

Her second point is about how she is most fit to run a business and take over a factory. “Violet is competitive, determined, hard working, and willing to take risks. Her father is a small town salesman and politician, so she could easily pick up knowledge and support from him.” She clearly has some experience from her father to run a company along with the right mind set.   

Thirdly, she was the most sympathetic to the Oompa Loompas. She goes into detail by saying, “She critiques Veruca when Veruca demands to buy one.” In addition, she also puts herself on the front lines to test out Wonka’s new gum, instead of an Oompa Loompa.

Her fourth point is about how Violet’s major “flaw”. Like the rest of characters she had one major flaw, which was chewing gum 24/7. Her flaw though is really fitting for the Chocolate factory. Even though the Oompa Loompas sing about how ‘gum is really cool, but it’s not socially acceptable to chew all day.’ We do know that Violet would quit if she wanted to or had to because she quit chewing gum to buy chocolate candy bars to get a golden ticket.

Her fifth and final point relates to her misstep in the factory. Again, like every character except Charlie, she had made a fatal mistake. Wonka mislead her to believe that the gum he had created is amazing and that Violet needed to try it because Violet’s strong suit is gum. She chews the gum and tells everyone what she is feeling and tasting. “She took a personal risk for the education of others,” Evayna describes.

Overall she believes to the fullest that Charlie should not have won because he is a naive and passive boy. He would never be able to take over Wonka’s huge corporation. She believes that Violet has all the perfect characteristics to fill Wonka’s shoes because she is sarcastic, passionate, candy-obsessed, and free thinking. She’s even better because she doesn’t endanger others and isn’t afraid of risks. Violet should’ve been picked to inherit the Wonka Chocolate Factory.