Meeting in person is a thing of the past

Elly Kenninger, Junior Editor-in-Chief

You’ve heard it said that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but what if you don’t have a fishing pole or the right bait or the time to sit in a boat all day? With access to the internet and the growing number of dating sites, you’re in luck! Catching the big one just got a whole lot easier.

Technology has become a necessity for people as it has significantly advanced throughout the modern era. Instant communication is just a tap away with cell phones that seem to reside in practically everyone’s pocket. Our culture’s reliance on our phones has changed how each and every one of us lives our lives. In recent years, it has also affected how people have pursued relationships, including finding Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Online dating is extremely popular and continues to be on the rise. Mainly tech-savvy millennials dominate these online dating platforms. This modern way of meeting people is appealing for several reasons.Image result for eharmony

Online dating platforms use information that users have shared to match them with similar people who may believe, think, or enjoy the same things. This allows for an instant connection between people as they already have things in common which were discovered in a very brief amount of time.

Another perk to allowing a computer to find you your potential lover is that it will identify a large pool from which you can choose. If your first match doesn’t give you butterflies, there is no need to worry because you have a list of several others who are waiting in the wings. The pressure of trying to make a relationship work no longer exists. Especially when you are able to “get rid” of someone online with just a few clicks. Although this may sound rather rude, it usually proves to be much easier and less time consuming than dealing with a person in real life.

Singles, especially those in large cities, turn to online dating to meet people for a very practical reason too. It serves as a great alternative for them in order to stay safe. Meeting up with someone after you have already talked to them and know what they look like can provide a lot of comfort.

Couples who are looking to interact with each other while not breaking the bank find that online dating is the key. Both lovers are able to text, call, or video-chat without spending a penny. Neither has to spend any money on transportation, food, or entertainment which for many is a huge win.

Lastly, the use of technology is able to connect people who live oceans apart. Dating platforms are available to basically anyone who has access to the internet which means there are no borders to where your significant other can reside.

Luckily for people who decide to take part in this new way of meeting people and dating, the success rate is high. In fact, Eharmony, one of many platforms, proudly states that 2% of United States’ marriages are the result of their program. This is to show that with the changes in technology, there has consequently been great changes in how relationships develop. When elements of face-to-face dating begin to become inconvenient or impractical, take heart. The catch of the day could be just a click away!