Tubing: stay safe on the lake

Elly Kenninger, Junior editor-in-chief

The school year is winding down which only means one thing: summer. Summer is a three-month vacation from impossible tests and draining homework. It’s a time for teenagers to put down their textbooks and relax for a while. To help unwind many students along with their families or friends head to Minnesota to hop in a lake. The lake has a variety of things for people to do making it a great location for everyone. One activity that is extremely popular among the youth is tubing. This leisure activity strays far from its name for its nature is actually quite extreme. It seems that everyone either has a crazy dad or uncle that is willing to make their tubing experience one they will never forget.

Tubing is an activity which involves a motorized boat with a floating tube behind it connected by a rope. As the boat goes the tube trails behind with the rope being held taught. Depending on the size and shape of the tube multiple people can ride on it at once. The most typical tube is just a flat circular one which comfortably allows two people to ride but can fit three if needed.Related image

The activity can get crazy especially if the “captain” of the boat drives at a fast speed. However, speed is the least of many tubers concerns. The real kicker is when tubers have to adjust to getting outside of the wake. Usually, the only time the tube ends up outside of the wake is when the boat changes directions. As the turn occurs, the tube flies out of the wake the motor of the boat creates. The water outside of the wake is typically much rougher than inside of the wake especially on a windy day when waves exist.

Although most waves in a lake may seem small they can greatly impact the direction of the tube. Often the waves will make the tube catch some air. And by some, I mean a lot.

All of these factors combined (speed, turning, waves, etc.) quickly change a relaxing activity into something much more intense. However, many children and teenagers enjoy this type of action. Although tubing can sometimes be a little crazy and dangerous, it is a staple summer activity that many young individuals will be enjoying soon!