“A Dog’s Journey” will tug at your heart strings

Andrea McClary, Junior Ad Editor

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“A Dog’s Journey” was released on May 17, a sequel to the 2017 film “A dog’s Purpose” both based off of the books written by author W. Bruce . The movies surround a dog named Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad)  and the idea of reincarnation. This time around, Ethan (Dennis Quaid) encourages his beloved dying dog to return to find his granddaughter. There’s less violence in this one, but there’s still an alcoholic, neglectful parent and an abusive boyfriend who literally crashes into his ex-girlfriend on purpose.

Another boyfriend is verbally demeaning and grabs his girlfriend. And, yes, the central dog dies, four times, from old age, sickness, and accidents. As in the first movie, there are clear messages about empathy and companionship, as well as the power of having a pet with whom humans share unconditional love. Each time Bailey, dies he comes back as a new dog with a new owner and a new mission. And lets say this, it is as sad as it sounds.

The experience of losing a pet is know by almost everyone, and if you haven’t you can sympathize with the idea of losing something of great significance and I think that is why people are so drawn into watching something so terribly sad. The movie does a great job at portraying the relationship between an owner and they’re pet, showing the growth and progress of both character throughout the short lifetime, and screen time, the pair has together.

Overall, this movie is perfect for a younger audience it can teach them valuable life lessons, but it is also very sad and I would recommend bringing a box of tissues to keep alongside of you because this movie will tug on your heart strings.