Beloved north side restaurant closes indefinitely

Isiah Kesler, Sports Editor

After 15 years of service, the beloved northside home-style restaurant, Divots at Edgewood, is closing for good. This decision follows a series of unfortunate flooding that has hurt the business for the last few years, and with the prediction of another huge flood this year, owner Mark Melby chose to close down the restaurant. 

Not only does the flood hurt business for the restaurant, but also the adjacent golf course in which Divots is based upon. Divots gets a huge majority of its customers from the golf course, and if the flood is bad enough, the golf course may have a very rough and short year. “There is just too much emotional stress and financial impossibilities when the golf course is not at full strength.” added Melby. The flood was 13 feet away from touching the road that leads to divots, and less then half a football field away from taking over the restaurant this last year.

Divots has stayed one of the only sit down restaurants on the northside that offers higher quality food such as sirloins, a variety of fish, and rib-eyes, as well as normal restaurant foods such as burgers and sandwiches. Divots offered one of the biggest selections of food in the Fargo-Moorhead area, all at a reasonable price. “Because of the variety of food and the home cooking aspect, I feel like I’ve learned how to cook a lot of things that I wouldn’t know how to cook had I worked somewhere else.” stated employee Creighton Walz. With the closing of Divots, the only sit down family restaurants on the Northside are Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s, and Labby’s.

Because of the home-style and friendly theme of the restaurant, many students at North High have or do work at Divots. Out of the 10 kitchen staff currently, 6 of them go to North High. “I knew a lot of the people working there, and I’ve had Mark as a football coach for a couple years, so getting a job at Divots felt like a no brainer.” said employee Dominik Hillstrom. Because of the closing, there are currently 10 students at Fargo North that lost a job.

The last day Divots was open was November 16th, which means the building is currently unoccupied for the first time in 15 years. The numerous regulars had to say goodbye