Kite Runner: a Heart Breaking yet Touching Story

Born in Afghanistan, main character Amir begins his journey growing up in a divided country where he learns of all the prejudices his best friend, Hassan, faces. During Amir’s childhood Afghanistan is facing the downfall of the monarchy and experiencing the rise of the Taliban, all while Amir is facing his own guilt and remorse of treating Hassan poorly. 

The beginning of the novel is set in Kabul, Amir’s town, where he is seen playing with Hassan, his childhood friend and family servant’s son. They make memories together, but because they practice two different religions, Hazara and Pashtun, Amir believes that he is somewhat superior. Not only does Amir believe this, so does the rest of society. While Amir isn’t necessarily the meanest person to Hassan, is isn’t all too kind to him either. 

The boys decide to enter a kite flying contest and they are going to try their hardest to win, partially for the popularity, but for Amir it is winning back his father’s love and attention. During this time war begins in Afghanistan, and with war comes betrayal and sacrifice. Amir commits an act of betrayal to Hassan, an act he will never forget, and Hassan must sacrifice himself for it. Amir and his father are forced to flee Afghanistan to America, and “The Kite Runner” becomes the story of Amir’s quest for redemption, and righting the wrongs he committed years ago as a boy in Kabul.

This story is a tear jerking, fast paced, neverending novel that will keep you fascinated beyond belief. Author Khaled Hosseini has found a way to balance such a powerful story, in such a clear and direct way with little misunderstanding. There were so many riveting twists you would not expect, and also heart touching moments that make Kite Runner such a great novel, and earn it five Spartan heads.