Red Raven: a music hub

This November is a month for cozy, indoor events to fill your calendar. To spend my spare time, I went to a couple local gigs in a small, hidden place in Fargo.

The first local concert I went to this fall was at The Red Raven in downtown Fargo on Saturday 26. This coffee shop is a personal favorite of mine, with local gigs playing every week. The first band playing was MAUL, following that was AGONY REIGNS (from Minneapolis), HANGTIME, WIDOW’s first show, and HARD NO! Featuring local f/m punk members. The music ranged from indie-rock to punk, and the atmosphere was very comfortable. It did cost money to attend, but it was for a Planned Parenthood donation. If you’re familiar with indie-rock and punk and want to expand your horizons, or even just wind down after a day of school, I recommend attending a local concert at The Red Raven. Of course, all ages are welcome!

Another concert showed up at The Red Raven on Thursday 7 during the evening. As expected, a range of indie-rock to punk was played by six different bands: Ripped 2 Piecez, Optimal Crime, Commonweather, Suntitle, Body By Torture, and WIDOW ND. This was the Snow and Flurry Preshow, and I saw many familiar faces from the last gig. I enjoyed how comfortable it was there, and you can really express yourself with dancing and singing along.

The concerts here are usually hosted by people from here, such as the Planned Parenthood donation show was hosted by Garrett Alvarado, who has planned other local events in Fargo as well. The Snow and Flurry Preshow was presented by Ticket Ghost and others. 

If you are looking to make some new friends, forget about the old ones\; rock out or wind down, The Red Raven is a great place to go to when looking for some alternatives to expensive concerts.