Seniors prepare for their final show at Fargo North

Tom Gillen
Peter Qualey smiles as he’s about to ring the bell.

For many students they have that one extracurricular activity that they invest all their time into. Some are invested in sports, some in clubs, but for these seniors it’s theater. Bailey Medler, Josh Tappe, Cormac Gibney, Macky Conlin, and Peter Qualey all have spent the majority of their time in the Fargo North Theater.
“I spend about three to five hours on school days rehearsing and sometimes we rehearse on weekends or no school days,” said Senior Bailey Medler.
All five have been involved in theater for a majority of their life. Josh Tappe has been doing shows since he was five. Last summer was his first time doing Trollwood classes and the mainstage musical. He has been in nine shows at Fargo North including their current show The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.
Bailey Medler started theater in first grade, and since then she has been auditioning for shows. She has been in nine shows so far including Peter Pan, Arthur’s Quest, The Sound of Music, Heathers, and Newsies. She hopes to audition for Trollwood’s mainstage musical Cinderella this summer.
“I’ve always loved singing and I wanted to try acting in first grade and loved every single second,” said Senior Bailey Medler.
Macky Conlin joined theater when she was in elementary school but didn’t join North High Theater till her sophomore year. She decided to do theater again, because her brother pushed her to audition for her first show and she really enjoyed it. Conlin has been involved in six shows at Fargo North including Heathers and Newsies.
“It’s always a fun time when you are on stage doing something you love!” exclaimed Senior Macky Conlin.
Cormac Gibney joined theater his freshman year at North through improv. After going to one rehearsal he was hooked. He then did tech for Heathers and started acting his junior year in Newsies. He also started Trollwood last summer and joined a group called The Trollwood Players. Throughout his theater career he’s been in six shows including Miss Wallace Rhymes with William Tempest, The Tempest, Newsies, and Timepieces.
“What got me into theater was curiosity, but what kept me in was all the amazing people I met,” said Senior Cormac Gibney.
Peter Qualey has been in many shows including Newsies, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Tempest, and Heathers. He joined theater in middle school and has loved it ever since. He has done Trollwood classes including The Trollwood Players group. (He has been involved in more theatrical things, but he never answered my multiple emails asking for information)
These seniors have spent the last four years investing their time and energy into so many shows here at Fargo North. All their cast members and directors will miss them greatly next year and cannot wait to see what they’ll do in the future.