JZ’s How To: Fail Finals


While everyone is very excited for the holiday break, if any of you are like me, I’m sure you are already dreading finals. With the recent change of only having two days of finals instead of the usual three, studying for finals is going to be even harder and more stressful than ever before. Fortunately for you, I am able to help you with this stress by telling you exactly what not to do when studying and preparing for finals.
One of the biggest and best ways to fail your finals is through procrastination. I know what you’re thinking: “How can someone not procrastinate when studying for finals?” After all it is human nature to put off all responsibility, and creatively avoid doing you work by finding absurd tasks that somehow are more important than studying for your finals. The best way to avoid procrastination is to break up your work into different increments. For example, you are trying to study for your AP Bio final, instead of sitting down with the 40 pound textbook and just reading it, try taking twenty minutes every day to study a different chapter. This way you will be able to slowly regain the information and not turn your brain into mush when cramming the night before the final. A helpful tip is to start as early as possible, that way you will get even more studying done. Now if you want to fail your finals, then I recommend that you find every excuse possible to avoid studying. If you just don’t study and don’t have an excuse, then you are simply a very lazy person who doesn’t care. That being said, if you have an excuse then it just makes you look like you are very busy and have more important things to do than study for finals.
Even though procrastination is one of the top reasons why people don’t study for finals, we can’t forget about the good ole fact of distractions. I’m guessing you know what these distractions are, but if not they include but are not limited to: Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok (yes Tiktok), and hanging out with friends. If you want to pass your finals, then you need to put some of these things on hold for a couple days. Even though it may be hard, you need to eliminate all of these distractions.
If you find yourself struggling to study for finals and don’t have the motivation to study, just keep trying your best. Remember that in reality, they don’t matter. While they may affect your grade right now, if you think about it in a year, you aren’t going to remember what you got on that final or if you studied or not. So don’t lose any sleep over then because they aren’t that important.