Holiday Lights Parade lights up downtown Fargo

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and my first thought once the annual Holiday Lights Parade was coming was: let’s judge everybody’s floats. So when the night of November 26 came, I spent time with my loved ones critiquing the floats.
The first float I enjoyed was the firetruck. It was a lovely color, and the firemen waved at me. Although I never got candy, I enjoyed the split second of their passing-by. Another float I liked was one that had a long back with white lights and pretty man-made trees on it. There was a really cool blow-up snowman standing by itself staring at the crowd with its hands in the air, and it brought a smile to my face.
Just when I thought things were good, things got great when another big red fire truck comes down the street, with Christmas lights wrapped around the top. The firefighters in there waved at me too!
After that, I noticed a white truck driving up the street towards us, not seeing any shiny lights or captivating decor. But then, as it drove closer, I saw a huge red Santa hat on top of it, and the back of the truck was wrapped in colorful Christmas lights. Red ones, white ones, green ones- even blue ones for Hanukkah!
Things started to get more cool as my hands got colder, and a float came by with a mini house and festive lights wrapped around. It even had a Christmas tree at the front made of green lights, and a snowman inside the little house that was waving at the crowd.
Next comes one of my favorite floats of the parade: a big blue semi, carrying all the festive things about Christmas. There was snow, there was Santa, there was candy canes and Olaf! The red and green lights tied it together, as did the pile of snow with the Grinch and the Grim.
I began getting a little tired, but then I saw my favorite float of the whole parade. It was a big green truck carrying another red truck on top of it! There was the Grinch standing on it, and the red truck had on a Santa hat. The whole float was wrapped in red and green Christmas lights, and the guy in the passenger seat was even nice enough to wave.
To end the parade, Santa came down the street on a big float, and he waved at me as well, because he knew I’m just such a big fan.
At the end of the night, I reminisced the lovely sight of the big green truck with the little red truck, while enjoying a cup of cheer we call hot cocoa.