Erica Flores : Student Spotlight : A senior’s perspective on the high school experience

Spartan senior Erica Flores is approaching the end of her high school career with a running start. Throughout her years here at North, she has been involved in Debate, JCL, Student Congress, Speech, and orchestra. As someone who has personally witnessed Erica at work in her element through doing Speech and Debate, I can confidently say that she commits her energy wholly. She is always willing to help her teammates, classmates, and friends. She has spent the last four years working hard and building her successful high school career.
Flores’ advice to underclassmen is to “think about what your priorities and limits are whenever you make a commitment.” Personally, I’m not very good at time management, but Flores is a good contrast to that weakness. She knows how to allocate her time beneficially. As someone who has picked a schedule packed with many difficult classes, she also understands the value of de-stressing. Her personal way to de-stress is to “take an hour or so every day to eat good food, relax, and do something completely non-school related.”
When asked about her study habits, she responded, “I consistently keep up with homework, especially in math and science classes, and watch a lot of videos from Khan academy. Also, for science labs, it’s helpful to look up and read the teacher guide to the lab.”
As Flores nears her college years, she has applied for many universities, including Yale, Wesley, Smith College, Colorado College, Carlton, Macalester, Concordia and NDSU. The application process couldn’t have been easy, as she took the time to apply for so many. She’s thankful for her upperclassmen friends who helped guide her through high school and gave her a heads-up, saying “We had similar goals so it worked out that they were testing the waters for me.”
Her future plans are still partially undecided, although she hopes to graduate college, likely get a masters degree, and work in a field that involves history or archival materials. She values the merits of history and hopes to work to maintain its place.
Flores has spent her years here at Fargo North involving herself in many activities, challenging herself academically, and making many friends. She has been an excellent example of willingness to help others and do well herself.