Hey Teens! Questions answered by your Ingrid


Marcello Garbagnoli

Will World War III happen soon?
Maybe. Based upon our current foreign relations situation, I would not be surprised if we get nuked. And if that were to happen, war would most likely start. In preparing for the draft, I have started to get out of bed at night to turn off the hall light instead of texting my dad asking him to do it. I think this small change in my lifestyle will help to improve my leg strength and cardiovascular health.
Which grocery store is your favorite?
Hornbachers. I say this because it is really the only grocery store I go to. My mom, however, often buys our groceries at Costco. I go to Hornbachers because 1. Minors are not allowed to shop at Costco, 2. I like the vibe of Hornbachers and 3. Sam Mantha, 2021 class rep, works there. Some days if I can scrounge up a dollar, I will go to Hornbachers and buy a few packs of ramen or a candy bar just so I can say “Hi” to Sam Mantha. So thank you, Hornbachers, for never letting me go hungry.
What is your favorite gift you gave this holiday season?
This year, I gave my family the gift of my presence. It was a frugal option, however I am convinced they appreciated it. Given how I usually stay in the basement during the few hours a day I am home, they were very blessed to see my face.
What is one of your hidden talents?
I am an advanced operator of large farming equipment. And by that, I mean I drove a combine all by myself when I was 10. I was at my cousin’s farm in rural North Dakota when he asked me if I’ve ever driven a tractor. Of course, I was 10, so I said no. The next thing I know, I am up in a combine driving through a field. It was a life changing experience.