Hey Teens! Questions answered by your local Ingrid

What would life be like if there was no time?
Time is a concept made up by man. In this day and age, everything revolves around time. Without time, we would not be able to know when to start or stop anything. We wouldn’t know how long to go to school, when to stop going to school, when to start going to work. We wouldn’t even have ages, so we wouldn’t know how long we’ve even been on this Earth. Life would be a mess, and people would just do what they want when they want. But words like ‘soon,’ ‘later,’ ‘after,’ etc. would not exist. So basically it would be utter chaos. Nothing would be organized and people would go through life however they wish.
Do you like cheddar cheese?
In my professional opinion, no. I am slightly abstract with my cheese preferences. I only eat cheese if it is absolutely necessary. For example, I like mac n cheese, mozzarella sticks, pizza, etc. However, I do not like when cheese it’s an option to be added, such as tacos, burgers, and other sandwiches. I do not know why I have these preferences, as cheese curds are my favorite food, but if my burger has cheese on it I will pull a Karen (this is a meme if you aren’t aware). Because of my preferences, I do not really have an idea of what my “favorite” cheese would be. But, I do know that I love me some good ol’ colby jack on my nachos.
What is your favorite state?
First, I will start this question by ranking all of the states I have been to. The list is as follows: Colorado, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, Oregon, Florida, Montana, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Idaho. As you have just read, Colorado is my favorite state. Ever since I was a child I had been in love with Colorado. It all started when I was in fifth grade, playing NHL 15 at a friend’s house, when it was time for me to choose a team. I was browsing my options, looking for which team had the cutest players, when suddenly I laid my eyes upon Gabriel Landeskog, captain of the Colorado Avalanche. I, a fifth grade girl, immediately started screaming because he looked vaguely similar to my favorite popstar, Niall Horan. After that encounter with Landy, I became obsessed with the Colorado Avalanche. I got his jersey (which I still own, but is now far too small for me) and my aunt and uncle got me a framed photo of him (which I also still own, but is not currently hanging up.) As the years went by, my love for the Avs stayed constant. So, when my church announced we were going on a mission trip to Colorado Springs, I immediately knew I had to go. And I did. While there, we had many life-changing experiences, such as hiking in the Garden of the Gods, white-water rafting, and replacing insulation in a 90 degree attic. At the end of the trip, we went to a concert at the Pepsi Center, home of the one and only Colorado Avalanche. It was a dream come true to even step inside the building. Once I returned to Fargo, I knew I had to go back, which is why, as of now, my #1 pick for college is in Colorado.