“All American” series takes Netflix top ten spot

Andrea McClary, Ad Editor

Since quarantine I’m sure many of you have noticed how much time you spend trying to fill. Whether it is aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, playing video games, or going on a walk outside; it seems as though we’ve resorted to every possible means of entertainment. Last month it seemed like everyone was in search of a new Netflix series to watch and while everyone was making recommendations, I heard of a show called All American

The show features a high school football star, Spencer James played by Daniel Ezra, and the journey of his life as he transfers to Beverly Hills in order to make his dream of becoming an All American football player a reality. Along with this new lifestyle, he faces struggles with two colliding families and the possibility of his future. However, this show is more than just football, it is about all the realities today’s world is facing.

From racism to athlete drug testing to LGBTQ representation , addiction/sobriety, and mental illness, there is a wide spectrum of issues that are recognized in the show that reflect on real-life issues, creating something people can relate to. The show also features an awareness about gang violence as it depicts Spencers struggle getting out of his torn apart neighborhood. It’s not to get political but rather to increase awareness to what’s going on around us today. Stories like these are what need to be discussed in order to take steps to realize, work on, and accept the world around us. And the show itself is taking great leaps to address them. What’s even better than this, is the fact that it is inspired by a true story.

The series was loosely based on the life of African American professional football player Spencer Paysinger, who has spoken openly about the challenges he faced in his early career to make it where he is today. Spencer Paysinger, once a linebacker for the New York Giants, has been a consultant for the production crew in order to make sure his story is being told from himself. While the story isn’t exact to his life, it shows some of the very same obstacles he faced growing up as an African American football player in hopes to help other kids facing the same problems. 

This is a story that deals with the issues people are facing on a daily basis, however its core value is seen within the meaning of family.  In All American, family comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and they all showcase their own strength and struggles. Spencer, who grew up in difficult circumstances, works to make life easier for his mother as she is a single mom with two growing boys. His mother showcases some of the strongest mom- advice and support you could ever hear. But, the family you are born into isn’t always the only kind of family on this show. Your team is your family too, and that is shown time and time again with each episode. From being transferred to a new team and having to find a spot within the group Spencer deals with a lot of drama. But in the end they always had each other’s back and the ones who didn’t weren’t given the time of day.  

If you are even the slightest bit bored during this time of social distancing, I would highly recommend watching this touching story of a high school student on his way to accomplish his dreams while dealing with today’s society.