Class of 2020 surprised by teachers

Andrea McClary, Ad Editor

The past two months, the senior class of 2020 has experienced nothing close to normal. If you would have asked the senior class what they thought they would be doing at this time a year ago, students may have responded saying, “practicing for the spring play,” “playing a spring sport,” or “preparing for graduation.” Nobody would have guessed that quarantine and online classes would be what they are all focused on now. With all the battles the class of 2020 is facing, it can be hard to stay positive. Many students are trying to find little bits of joy in their lives during this time of uncertainty. And that is exactly what they were given on Thursday, April 23.   

Seniors were given instructions the previous week to pick up their cap and gowns for graduation in the parking lot that afternoon. There seemed to be a mix of emotions from this email. It was exciting for seniors to get something they had been waiting anxiously for. Graduation seemed more like a reality, not too far off in the future. However, it was also a little depressing having to pick up something so special from a school drive-by. Not to mention, the thought of never getting to actually wear a cap and gown also seemed to be in the minds of seniors as their graduation ceremony is still up in the air. Luckily, the FNH principals and staff seemed to know that this graduation pick-up was significant to seniors, and made it special in such a heart-warming way.

Unknowingly to the students, many teachers and staff at North attended the cap and gown pick up. Students picked up their cap and gowns at the front of the south entrance of the school, and were greeted by their principals. Afterwards they made their way to the Booster Club, who gifted each student a “Class of 2020 Senior” yard sign. Next, seniors were directed past the baseball field where there seemed to be a sea of teachers all lined up. As each student passed by, staff members waved, cheered, and honked their horns to congratulate them. For students, this was quite a touching sight.

The seniors have gone to public school for almost 13 years, all in hopes of graduating alongside their classmates after the conclusion of the 2020 school year. This is a big step in many peoples’ lives, and something that most remember forever. Unfortunately, everything was turned upside down after students left school on March 13, not knowing that this was potentially their last school day of the year. This meant there was little to no thought in students’ heads that they wouldn’t be able to walk those same halls with their peers and see their teachers face-to-face again this year… and for seniors, ever again. These circumstances are what made the thoughtful actions of the teachers and principals so appreciated. For the staff of FNH to put on something like this, even if it was short and simple, it meant the world to the class of 2020, and made finding joy in their day a lot easier.