Donate to Fill the Dome!

People hopefully have been talking a lot about Fill the Dome, which has been happening since November 23 and continues through December 17 at Fargo North. This is a great way to help out your community, especially when it’s most needed during this pandemic.
This is the first year in the event’s history that Fill the Dome will not be taking place specifically at the dome, but at each individual school. Rather than bringing all the items to be collected at the Fargodome, the Great Plains Food Bank will come to each school after December 17 to collect the donations.
There are many ways you can get involved with Fill the Dome and help support your community, as well as help Fargo North win by bringing in the most items. First, you can simply go to your parents, grandparents, coworkers, etc. and ask if they have any canned items they’d like to donate to Fill the Dome. Then you can bring in these items to North commons where they’ll be collecting donations throughout the few weeks. Reminder: please bring in only non-perishable food items that are not expired! Some items that are most needed include: soup, peanut butter, cereal, canned meat, boxed meals, pasta, rice and instant potatoes, personal hygiene products, paper products, and cleaning supplies. More information can also be found on the Great Plains Food Bank website:
Another way you can help out is by donating money for Fill the Dome to spend on food that’s most needed. A new addition to Fill the Dome this year is each school will have their own virtual food drive for those who want to donate online. The link for Fargo North’s donations is:
Even though donating out of the goodness of your heart is a pretty big incentive, there are some other awards you could earn from donating items to Fargo North. Many teachers will make a competition between their own classes or the course department yearly for Fill the Dome. In the past, winning classes have won a pizza party or Olive Garden. Other teachers will also offer extra credit per each item, with the max being generally 10 extra credit points for 10 items. If teachers are not already advertising this, we highly suggest asking all your teachers if they’re doing anything to help with Fill the Dome.
Another new addition to Fill the Dome this year will be a huge competition between each class. The goal for each grade is to reach about $1000 or 1000 cans. With each donation, there will be different “levels” you and your grade can reach. The White level is $5/5 cans, Navy level is $10/10 cans, Gold level is $20/20 cans, and Platinum is $50/50 cans. The bulletin boards near the commons will be tracking each grade’s progress as they try to reach their goal of 1000!
Hopefully, by now you’re getting tired of hearing about Fill the Dome, because that means Fargo North’s Student Council and teachers have done their job of spreading the word. This food drive has always been very important for the community, but it’s needed even more this year as Covid cases keep rising and things keep shutting down again. Whether you can only donate a few cans or a few dollars, anything is better than nothing. Not only will the community appreciate your donations, but it also would be pretty great if Fargo North won and could say they brought in the most items out of all the schools involved with Fill the Dome 🙂