Fashion predictions for 2021



Example of how to fashion a second-skin top

The year 2020 definitely sparked new and unique fashion trends, due to the quarantine lifestyle and the general population being in isolation from others and finding our own style. Now that 2021 is here, new fashion trends are already strutting themselves down the runway.
With more need of comfort for at-home zoom sessions for school or work, cozy yet mod-ish clothes are essential. Even if you aren’t into runway fashion, funky-patterned sweatsuits and flow pants are a must-have. Any pants that are loose, made of delicate material, and include colors like “ultimate grey” and “illuminating yellow” (which are the two colors of the year, according to Pantone.) Pair your flashy trousers with an oversized flowy shirt or sweatshirt and your comfiest pair of shoes (or just slippers.) If you are looking for inspiration from runway fashion, Matthew Williams, co-founder of 1017 ALYX 9SM, presents a collection “GIVENCHY” including bright contrasts and sharp and sleek pieces. Runway’s definition of “sweatsuit” may be different than yours.
No matter your style, second-skin tops are perfect for any outfit with layers. A second-skin top is typically long-sleeved, fitted tightly, and usually is semi-sheer. These types of tops are already popular, but the popularity will grow on the runway. This spring will include a lot of layering, and a comfortable yet stylish second-skin top is perfect to be styled under a simple hoodie or vest.
My personal fashion predictions include crochet clothing. Although crochet was most popular during the ‘40s, it has been modernized with other pieces of clothing with neural colors and angelic pieces like corsets for feminine fashion, and styled as crochet hats for gender neutral fashion.
Another fashion prediction is larger tote bags. Since the spring of 2020, larger bags have been more popular, but this year they will for sure make bigger statements in outfits. Bigger bags that have more use than regular pants pockets will be more popular, leaving the other pieces of clothing to be able to stay flowy, loose, and free.
If 2020 wasn’t your year for fashion, 2021 can be your year for your passion for fashion.