Pet of the Month

Meet Sophie! Sophie is a 12-year-old St. Bernard who loves playing in the snow and going on walks. One time when Sophie’s human put her outside during the winter, she laid down in the snow and would not go back inside for 20 minutes. Sophie went to obedience school when she was a puppy teenager so she is mostly well-behaved. Sophie knows 3 things: sit, shake your hand, and how to somehow get drool across the top of her head and on the ceiling. Sophie is a very good girl, dare I say the best girl. But when Sophie sees her leash, she forgets about any obedience training she’s ever had and becomes a menace to dog society. She gets extreme zoomies and starts running around and wagging her tail so hard she slips. Sophie has the cutest powdered sugar dog face, but her age shows when you smell her breath. Sophie’s breath is so smelly that she can’t make dog friends because none of them wanna be near her stinkyness. Sophie’s absolute favorite thing to do is bark in order to ask to go outside, spend 5 minutes there, and then demand to come back inside… only to bark her way outside again 5 minutes later. What all of this translates to is that Sophie is the best girl in the world!