Teacher Feature: Mrs. Hallquist


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Hallquist has the joy of having almost every student at North in freshman Health

Mrs. Hallquist, a kind, energetic, involved, and family oriented teacher, is in her 28 year here at North, and her 30 year teaching. Hallquist is a smiley staple at North, teaching the required Health class.
However, she wasn’t always known for her awesome health teaching, as she used to teach Family and Consumer Science at North while she taught health at Ben Franklin. Because of her friends and colleagues here at North, her passion for “[helping] students, And [giving] them the chance to make informed decisions,” has been fulfilled.
Hallquist has been in the F-M area for many years. She attended Concordia College for her undergraduate degree where she played soccer. She used to love traveling with her teammates and having those crazy and fun bus rides. Hallquist later earned her Master’s degree at NDSU.
Because of growing up with a “caring and always [helping] family,” said Hallquist, she has always been interested in teaching. Not only that, she also had a little trouble when she was in school, and because of that she has always wanted to help others be successful. Her love of helping people and giving them a chance to thrive has made her especially interested in health.
Hallquist uses her impact of being a health teacher to “inspire others,” and “I hope to make a difference, and to always help my students, especially if they’re having trouble,” said Hallquist.
Hallquist also uses this impact to make a connection, and hopes everyone at North can enjoy a fun and safe environment.
Because of the adoration for her students, she loves to be involved as their self-described ‘cheerleader.’ She loves to go to as many games and activities as she can to see what all her students do. But because she cares so much and always wants to be involved, she can sometimes have too much on her plate.
Hallquist stepped down last year as Key Club advisor as she decided this year to take a break so she can spend more time with her family.
Being a smiley and warm person comes naturally, but being a great teacher takes some time. To prepare for the school day, Hallquist stays after school to make sure everything is in order and to go over the study plan for the next day.
She also gets up every other day to go running with her friends at 5:45 AM. Sometimes she also brings her new dog Brutus, a sheepadoodle who is 2.5 years old. Every day before going to school she will go get a cup of coffee and get here a little bit before 8.
Hallquist chose North because of the welcoming and homey feel. She said, “North feels like a great community, family feel, and a positive atmosphere.”
She has liked North because she’s always able to learn, even as a teacher. Hallquist can learn from her fellow teachers and even the kids that pass through her room. Hallquist also loves how every staff member is dedicated no matter how small or big the job is. Every day she can always find something positive, even on days when it just feels like nothing good will happen.
With her love for North, Hallquist has really never thought about changing her career, but if she could it would be either a sports psychologist or a travel agent. Without Mrs. Hallquist our school would be a lot different.
Without her always greeting us in the hallways or her bright smile, or even the warm welcome she offers freshmen, this school would be a darker place. She is a great teacher and wonderful ‘Cheerleader,’ so next time she says hi, make sure to say hi back.