Meet Carti and Rocky!

This is Carti, a very silly 3 year old German shepherd-Husky mix. She has a sister named Ferrari that she hangs out with sometimes. Carti likes to do lots of things like playing and jumping around in the snow as well as playing with the water from the hose. She also likes to show off her beautiful husky singing voice (like the timbre and like the breed!). She loves to yowl and sass back at her mother. She does not, however, enjoy halloween decorations in the slightest. One time Carti was out for a walk during the fall and she passed by a house with inflated decorations, and she was so perturbed that she started barking at them.

This is Rocky, a 3 year old black lab. One of Rocky’s favorite things to do is go to the lake, as he is a professional fisher dog. To catch fish, Rocky uses a secret special technique called “jumping on them.” Rocky actually fishes by standing in the water and attacking minnows with his feet. Rocky also loves to do other things such as play fetch, run in the woods, and go rollerblading or biking with Mr. and Mrs. Blaser. Rocky’s archnemeses are cats and the neighborhood squirrels. He loves to sit at the window and watch them as they run around his yard. One of Rocky’s besties is Teddy, Mr. Hebert’s dog. They used to play with each other at the dog park every day.