Pet of the Month

Meet Coco, a 16-year-old chihuahua pomeranian. Coco is deaf and blind and hates the world. She does not enjoy being pet, or being near feet. When she is near feet she tries to bite them, but she actually has no teeth. Because she’s blind, when she runs into the house she doesn’t know where she’s going and runs into things. Although she is filled mostly with anger, she does enjoy some things like her stuffed giraffe. She also likes to lay in the most inconvenient places she can find. Coco lives with junior Tyler Halstenson, and is well-loved despite her mean demeanor.

These two old gentlemen are Louie and O’Malley. Louie is the black and white cat; the 17-year-old cat’s favorite hobby is sleeping. When Louie first moved into his new apartment, he ran out the front door and ran from one corner of the building to the other. O’Malley is the large man to the right, he’s 9 and his favorite hobby is playing. Math teacher Kelly Kvaal adopted O’Malley when he was 8, and within the first year he gained 7 pounds. He is currently 22 pounds and working on his weight loss journey, which includes a diet and playing. If you get O’Malley to show his belly and you try to pet it, he’ll try to bite you but he has no teeth so his gummy bite doesn’t hurt much.