Pet of the month: Rainey, Daisy, Ender, and Sebastian

Meet Ender and Sebastian! Ender is a 9-year-old shiba and Sebastian is a 1-year-old corgi. Some of Ender’s favorite things to do include long naps, walks, and chasing rabbits even though he can’t really catch them anymore. Sebastian is a ball of energy who loves to bark and play. Mr. Duffield recently got a Roomba and the boys were not very pleased. At first, they both barked and ran away from it, but after he put some treats on it Sebastian had a change of heart and now whenever he sees it he gets excited and thinks he’s going to get treats. Ender is still scared of it though.

Meet Rainey and Daisy. Grace Schmidt got both of these kitties when they were each a couple months old. Rainey is a gray and beige cat; she is 2 years old. Daisy is white and light gray; she’s 1 year old. Rainey likes to play and is a bit more energetic than Daisy. Rainey’s favorite things are the laser pointer and her other cat toys. Rainey also likes to bite feet. Whenever anyone is yelling or fighting, Rainey will try to bite their feet. Daisy, on the other hand, is more of an explorer. She likes to climb in the ceiling rafters and boxes. In fact, she is such an explorer that she once jumped down from a two story window. Don’t worry, she is okay.