“Wednesday” show lives up to the Addams’ name

Netflix’s new hit “Wednesday”
premiered Nov. 23. © Netflix

Netflix’s new hit “Wednesday” premiered Nov. 23. © Netflix

The new “Wednesday” series has had millions of people in a chokehold for the past two weeks. The Netflix series received over 341 million views within the first week of its showing, successfully breaking “Stranger Things’” previous record of 335 million views. Millions, including me, have been obsessed with this new retelling of Wednesday Addams portrayed by former Disney star Jenna Ortega. Ortega’s role in “Wednesday” as well as in “X” and “Scream 5” has people talking about the rising horror actress becoming one of the generation’s next top stars.
In this new reimagined version of the Addams family, teenager Wednesday Addams is sent to a school called Nevermore after attempting murder at her old high school. This new school is specifically made for outcasts such as werewolves, vampires, sirens, and others. Wednesday is roomed with Enid, a bright bubbly werewolf who has blonde, pink, and blue hair; a person who is the exact opposite of her. For the past couple of weeks, mysterious murders have taken place in the surrounding woods of Nevermore and the local town of Jericho.
When Wednesday got charged with attempted murder, the court required her to attend therapy sessions with Dr. Valerie Kinbott. Wednesday is so unhappy that she escapes through a bathroom window during the first session. This is when she meets Tyler, a barista her age, and bribes him to give her a ride out of Jericho. He agrees to give her a lift, but they have to meet during the festival and this is where Wednesday is attacked by the most horrendous-looking thing I have ever seen. That’s the end of the first episode out of 8. The following get even more interesting.
This new casting has the legend herself, Catherine Zeta-Jones, as Morticia Addams. Zeta-Jones is an amazing actress and has been in films such as “Chicago” the musical and “Ocean’s Twelve,” which I am obsessed with. Zeta-Jones embodies Morticia’s vibe and energy very well, though some might disagree. Luis Guzmán is the new Gomez Addams, who has quite a long list of filmography under his belt due to being in the industry for over 40 years. Guzmán has been in movies such as “Waiting…,” starring Ryan Reynolds, and “Anger Management” with Adam Sandler. I love the new casting because the casting director is sticking to how the Addams family is of Latin descent, and it’s important for representation to the Latin community.
A special guest also makes her appearance in “Wednesday:” Christina Ricci! Ricci played the iconic role of Wednesday Addams in the 90s “Addams Family” movie series. Her return to the Addams family universe has fans over the moon, me included. Ricci portrays the botanical science teacher, Marilyn Thornhill, who is a nice and easy-going character. Although her character doesn’t seem that significant to the story, there is a HUGE plot-twist that even blew my mind.
Within the gates of the “Wednesday” fandom, there are ship wars going on. As others have been saying, this is almost like team Jacob vs. team Edward from Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight.” Currently, fans are fighting amongst themselves whether Xavier, a Nevermore student that Wednesday was revealed to have saved when she was younger, or normie Tyler should be her lover. Or, if you are cultured, her roommate Enid is also another option. My opinion is that Enid is the best choice because, in most episodes, she and Wednesday have better chemistry and a budding relationship than Wednesday did with both the boys together. Sadly, it seems not a lot of people agree with me.
Overall, this series is one of my absolute favorites from this year. The actors, plot, and soundtrack are amazing; even the set is great to see as well. A person can’t expect anything less when Tim Burton is directing the show. I went into it with high expectations and it did not disappoint. I hope that any other person that sees this show is able to experience the amazingness from “Wednesday.”