Pet of the month: January

Meet Brownie and Rosie, Mrs. and Mr. Walsh’s dogs! Brownie is a 5-year-old lab mix and Rosie is a 1-and-a-half-year-old St. Bernard. Brownie wasn’t the Walshs’ dog at first, but while they were babysitting him, Mr. Walsh’s brother gave Brownie to them after he had been staying with them for 6 months. Rosie was a very rash decision, Mrs. Walsh saw her online and then got her just a couple of days later. Brownie and Rosie both act like puppies. Brownie will whine and give puppy eyes until he gets attention from you. One of Rosie’s favorite things to do is go swimming, which is where she gets her nickname ‘little hippo.’ Rosie also prefers to sleep by the outside doors because she loves the cold and the snow. In the winter Rosie won’t come inside unless it involves a treat, otherwise, she just runs around and rolls around in the snow.

Meet Kaitlyn Neuharth’s mini schnauzers, Oliver and Penelope. Penelope is 7 months old and her favorite thing to do is play fetch. One time Penelope went to daycare, which is a rare occasion, but she liked it so much that she snuck out to the truck the next morning expecting to go again. One of her other favorite things is Oliver; she likes him more than any of her humans. Oliver is only a couple of months older than Penelope. One of his favorite things to do is play tug-of-war. When Oliver isn’t playing, his favorite way to lie down is called “The Sploot.” Oliver is also very adventurous. When he was just a couple of months old, he brought Kaitlyn’s mom a bird. He stood proudly as she panicked.