William Terry staff profile


Photo submitted by the Spartan Scroll

This world has a lot of darkness in it. People are killing others, animals are being abused, and the climate is being destroyed. William Terry, a freshman here at North, has a lot of opinions about what’s going on. His mom is a paraeducator here, but he mainly comes to school because learning is a good thing. Also because he has to. He joined journalism to get better at writing and to improve his people skills.
Terry is very kindhearted and empathetic. In fact, if he was elected president for one day – and one day only – he said he would change the fact that people had to pay for hospital visits. “I don’t think it’s right to have people pay bills for hospitals,” he said. “Personally I think it should be along with taxes […] Because people with cancer, money literally goes down the drain. Or like, comatose patients.”
Terry’s compassion for the sick is just as strong as his love for family. Terry said: “Family. Family is the one thing I really have.” He said he is very close with his family, and that he looks up to his sister because she has been through a lot, and she perseveres despite that. He also likes animals much more than people. “They are better, in my opinion, than people.”
Terry is somehow both soft-spoken and outspoken at the same time. He is very artistic and bold with his ideas. He views the world through a beautiful lens. “People who have the guts to show what’s wrong with society, that’s bravery. If you have it in an artistic sense, that can be beautiful.” His favorite time period would be Ancient Greece because they seem intellectual and artistic.
He is also a free spirited person. He doesn’t have any goal set for his life, but he does want to live it as it comes. “I don’t have a set place in mind. I don’t think I’ll ever leave this city. I would wanna live in Canada, it seems a lot nicer.” He will live life wherever he ends up, but most likely will live in Canada or Fargo. He has a very relaxed mindset about life, allowing it to take him where it will as he rides along.
His main hobby outside of school is playing video games. Terry said: “I play video games a lot, it’s my favorite thing to do to release stress out of school.” He has a strategic mind and a lease on life that isn’t seen everyday and is amazing to watch happen. He has many years of high school ahead of him, but he will surely reach for the stars once he’s done.