Pet of the month: Gus, Rufus, and Luna

Meet Rufus, Gus, and Luna! Rufus, the short haired orange and white cat, is 9 years old and likes to do average orange cat activities like eat and sleep. In fact, he hates doing anything else. Gus, the fluffier orange one, is just a baby: 1 year old. One of his favorite things to do is knock things off the counter. He doesn’t dislike or fear anything, making him an aloof floof. Luna, the black and white one, is about 4 years old. Her favorite thing to do is groom her siblings. She also despises the InstaPot. Nichole Brandenburger works in the counseling office and she adopted all 3 of these bundles of fur and joy from Cat’s Cradle. If she could tell everyone one thing, it would be to adopt if you can.

This is Gidget! She is Alicia and Eliza McIntyre’s dog. She is a 2-and-a-half-year-old pitty mix who will be turning 3 in September. One of her favorite things ever is whipped crème. She also loves to sit in chairs and sunbathe. Her biggest enemy is riding in cars and she is not a fan of loud noises or crowds. Whenever Gidget goes on walks, she acts like she wants to talk to everyone and screams when she can’t, but then when she goes up to them she gets too shy to talk to them. Gidget likes to pretend she’s brave but she’s actually a scaredy-cat. One night Alicia and Eliza were watching Gidget and their other sister’s dog when Eliza opened the door to let the dogs out. Then 2 seconds later they came sprinting back. The dogs wanted to go outside because there was a skunk and it sprayed them so they ran back inside. They both smelled like skunk and stunk up the house for weeks.