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Animal Lover – Dj Master, Mr. Breitbach

Near the finish line of the Iowa bike race, Mr. and Mrs. Breitbach.

Title: Animal lover- Dj master, Mr. Breitbach
From the time he was a wide-eyed elementary student, David Breitbach’s love for animals has been a journey. It began with dinosaurs, those prehistoric giants that roared through his imagination, then flowed like a river into a fascination with marine life. The fascination then morphed into mammals like wolves that left a howling mark on his soul. He quickly changed his mind when he discovered that rabies shots were a part of his dream job description!
That’s when he took flight, trading fur for feathers and setting his sights on a new feathered love. And as they say, it’s a whole lot safer. But it was in the heart of a classroom that Breitbach’s love for animals truly soared, as he traded scales and feathers for the wide eyes and eager hearts of his younger students, teaching them the boundless wonders of the animal kingdom.
Like any preschooler he had a dream: “I remember when I was a preschooler, I told my mom I wanted to be a shark,” Brietbach said. Of course, when he realized that’s not possible, his perspective changed.“Very early on I wanted to be a zoologist,” he said. He took that love and brought it all the way to college; however, that love soon changed into science education.
Breitbach is the biology teacher here at North; however, he is not just a teacher. He’s also a passionate educator who truly loves to teach kids about the wonders of science. With an infectious enthusiasm, he instills in his students a deep appreciation for the subject and its real-world applications. Some students still remember when he made bread from scratch right here at the school.
One thing that keeps him motivated about his job is the importance of differentiating between real science and fake or pseudoscientific ideas. He believes that in today’s information-rich age, it’s crucial for young minds to develop critical thinking skills to discern between genuine scientific knowledge and unfounded claims.
Breitbach accomplishes this by fostering an environment of curiosity and exploration in his classroom. He encourages students to ask questions, experiment, and think critically about the world around them. He knows that by actively engaging with the scientific method, children learn not only the principles of science but also how to identify credible sources of information. He said that he gains “relief that students that leave my classroom feel that they have a better understanding, and can spot bad science or critique things that misconstrue or manipulate what science is trying to teach.”
In Breitbach’s class, learning science is not just about memorizing facts; it’s about fostering a love for inquiry and discovery. He knows that by teaching children to differentiate between authentic science and falsehoods, he equips them with a valuable life skill that extends far beyond the classroom and empowers them to make informed decisions in a world inundated with information, both genuine and counterfeit.
Breitbach, a native of Fargo, North Dakota, had his roots firmly established in the community from a young age. He began his educational journey at Horace Mann Elementary School, then Ben Franklin Middle School, and graduated from North High School. It was during his time at North High that he discovered his deep passion for music. Mr. Breitbach’s musical journey began in the school band, where he found his groove in playing percussion. His skills and enthusiasm for music didn’t stop there; he also took on the role of a pit musician for various musicals, adding a theatrical dimension to his musical experiences.
Upon graduating from North High, Breitbach embarked on his higher education at NDSU. There, he continued to pursue his love for music. Initially, he joined the university’s marching band, where the beat of his percussion skills resonated across the campus. However, his musical interests took an exciting turn when he became involved with a college radio show.
This experience marked a shift in his passion, as he was given the opportunity to curate and broadcast music. The radio show became a platform where he could share his favorite tunes, explore new genres, and connect with fellow music enthusiasts. “It was one of my favorite experiences,” said Breitbach.
Fast forward to the present day, Mr. Breitbach has successfully blended his passion for music into his professional life. While working as a teacher at North High School, he continues to inspire and educate the next generation with science. Additionally, he has nurtured his side job as a DJ, where he shares his love for music with a wider audience, spinning tunes on the KRFF RADIO.
Not only does he play music but he also loves to listen to it. He is a bit of a cliche (his own words) because he honestly loves all genres. “A lot of people tend to hate country, which to be honest there is bad country music out there, but there’s also honestly some good, so I can’t hate a genre just because some of it sucks,” he said.
He also tends to go around to different shows and musicals in town. This definitely stems from him being in the pit and also probably his sister being a North High theatre kid. When it comes to his family, Breitbach is, of course, not an only child; he has an older brother and a younger sister. In addition to his family, he has created his own home with Jazmyne, who is also a teacher; she teaches at Davies as a Journalism, English and EL4 teacher. They also have an adorable 13 year old cat named Queenie, and they hopefully one day will be able to add a Shiba Inu. “They are supposed to be really stubborn but they have the personality of cats and dogs,” said Breitbach.
Breitbach said, “I get bored of doing the same thing over and over again.” You can really tell this when he uses the phrase “Right now.” Right now he has developed a strong fascination with the horror genre. It could be books, video games, you name it right now he’s into it. However, when it comes to games, Breitbach explained, “ I’m kind of stubborn and I like a challenge.” He tends to go for the more challenging games and even some story games, but Mario Kart is always a good option even if it doesn’t give him the frustrating atmosphere.
Not only does he like to try new things in the home but also outside. “This past summer my wife and I were a part of Ragbrai,” Breitbach said. Ragbrai is a big, community-led event in Iowa where 10s if not 1000s of people go biking over the course of 7 days. They learned that Iowa is not in fact flat but hilly. “Never, never doing it again but it was something where we felt it was a good accomplishment,” he said. This was a very proud moment for them; they made a big accomplishment waking up at five in the morning and not making it back to a camp area to rest until 6-7 at night. 500 miles a day in the blistering heat, yikes I know for sure I couldn’t.
One last cool thing about Mr. Breitbach is that when he was younger, he was a part of the GAP program. He was able to go to Germany, go to high school, and experience the school year. “However my best experience going there was my second time there,” he said. He got to go during Christmas time and experience their less commercialized Christmas. “I never felt pressured to go out and buy something or go out.”
He was able to go to a national park and just breathe and do what they were doing. “One of my best foods was when my host father was bragging about sausage he made in red cabbage.” Breitbach talked about how the host spent three days bragging and talking all about the best dumplings, the best meals, and the best sausage. “He was right, it was my favorite dish,” said Breitbach. He had an amazing experience doing something different.
Mr. Breitbach tends to do something different, hates to be bored, and loves teaching kids about science, the right science. He even loves animals and would take care of any animal. He’s a “basic” man when it comes to the love and passion of music, but it’s his life. Mr. Breitbach has a lot up his sleeve and is very different from the teachers around him. Say hello, and maybe talk to him about music, horror, or even science.

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