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The Best Movies of All Time, According to Me

The Chronicles of Narnia are movies that bring magic to the world.
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and 20th Century Fox
The Chronicles of Narnia are movies that bring magic to the world.

It seems that life is so divisive right now, and opinions are always going around. There are more controversial ones, like the fact that pineapple does actually belong on pizza, or more accepted ones, like how we’ve decided we don’t like Ellen. However, certain pieces of media like music or movies can garner very strong opinions, leading to lots of unnecessary vitriol over differing thoughts on their merits and faults.
So, to avoid any arguing and divisiveness, I’m just going to make it clear what three movies are the best of all time.
The first movie that I would say is one of the best of all time is about a group of women slaying. “Ocean’s 8” is the best “Ocean’s” movie. No ‘arguably,’ no ‘maybe.’ It is.
I will never stop loving this movie. Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, and Rihanna star as four of eight women orchestrating a major heist, where they steal a diamond necklace off of Anne Hathaway’s neck at the Met Gala. When they sell pieces of it and use the money to frame Bullock’s scummy ex, Blanchett and Bullock reveal that they stole the crown jewels as well, bringing up the final cut for each member.
I love each and every moment of this movie, although it isn’t perfect (James Corden is in it). It has the qualities of a “girl power” narrative without being overly preachy or shoving it in our faces, as well as showcasing strong female characters who derive a significant part of their strength from their confidence and persona.
The best example of this is Sandra Bullock’s character, Debbie Ocean. She is confident and sure of herself, as well as being incredibly good at what she does. She provides a great example of overconfidence that is deserved. Her heist in the Met Gala goes off with barely a hitch. She flawlessly transfers the necklace from Hathaway’s neck to their possession, and then Hathaway finds out that this whole thing is going on, and helps pin it on the ex. Her reasoning for helping is “I don’t have many girl friends, and book clubs suck.” She helps them get away with it, planting “proof” that there is a piece of the necklace in the scummy ex’s apartment.
This gets James Corden, the insurance investigator, plausible cause to get a warrant. The group bonds through this heist, as stealing diamonds and planting it on someone else can really strengthen a friendship. Not that I would know, of course.
The second movie I want to praise is “The Menu.” It’s one of the only horror movies I enjoy, because it’s striking and thought-provoking without falling back on jumpscares, jarring and unsettling parts, or typical horror franchise clichés. The premise is that there is a world-famous chef who serves food at a very exclusive restaurant on Hawthorne Island. This restaurant is so exclusive that it costs more than $1000 a head.
The movie has a horror aspect from the start, opening with a cloudy day on a crowd of snobbish food critics taking a trip to the island. The chef, played by Ralph Fiennes, is a very intense character, especially when he learns that Margot, Anya Taylor Joy’s character, is taking the place of Tyler’s other date. The movie takes a dark turn, with lots of morally gray areas, leaving no black and white ideas and making the audience question everything.
Anya Taylor Joy does an incredible job in this movie, as per usual. Her emotions are clear and executed amazingly, from quiet rage to determination, exemplifying her range as an actress. Even when everything looks bleak, she still fights. This also ties back to strong female characters who don’t just bow to the pressure.
Last, but certainly not least, is all of the “Narnia” movies. The childhood nostalgia, the world of magical creatures, the incredible soundtrack that really brings the magic to life, and Anna Popplewell’s performance as Susan all combine to create movies in a league of their own. For those who have lived under a rock, the movies are about a magical land that Lucy Pevensie finds in the back of a wardrobe.
In the first movie, they find that the White Witch, played by the amazing Tilda Swinton, has taken over Narnia with an infinite Winter, and that they are in a prophecy to save Narnia. They also learn that there is a lion by the name of Aslan, voiced by Liam Neeson, who has been dormant but is the key to beating the White Witch.
The other movies follow similar premises, with the siblings coming back to save Narnia, and hold the same magic. My personal favorite is “Prince Caspian.” They are just magical to watch, and have a nostalgia that I will never get over. Susan and Lucy both make up strong female characters and make it a movie without damsels in distress.
These movies bring so much fun and entertainment to the table, and are great for a nice movie night, without much stress or chaos. They all have their differences, with “Narnia” being more lighthearted, and “Ocean’s 8” being more action based, and “The Menu” being a horror.
Personally, what designates a good movie to me is interest without stress and good characters. The plot matters, but not as much as the characters to me. Enjoying movies and music is not that serious, if you like something I don’t, great! Movies should be something we can appreciate without being combative about. If you disagree, go tell your therapist. These movies are the best, because I said so.

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