TV returns with season and series premieres

Amanda Grant, Staff Writer

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Hey Spartans it’s fall and you know what that means: the return of your favorite shows, including Spartan favorite Grey’s Anatomy. The show returns for its fourteenth season, making it one of the longest running dramas in primetime. The hospital drama about Meredith Grey struggling to fill her mother’s shoes as one of the best general surgeons has kept its audience on the edge of their seats with many cliff hangers.

Another Spartan top pick is the spooky show, American Horror Story, back now in its the sixth season. This season of American horror story titled “Roanoke”; it is about a young couple who moves into a new house that was built in the 18th century after a disturbing incident. After being disappointment by season five fans are reservedly hopeful about season six.

Another much anticipated show returns after an eleven year hiatus. The sitcom of Will and Grace began in 1998 and aired until 2006, but now  after a decade off the air, the show is returning. The edgy show is about  two best friends Will and Grace who are constantly annoying each other and their “sidekicks” Jack and Karen.

Big Bang Theory, returns for its eleventh season, alongside the premiere of Young Sheldon. Young Sheldon follows nine year old Sheldon through high school.  The show is mainly about the struggles that Sheldon faces because he does not fit in with his classmates or family.

Not to be left out, Netflix is also airing new seasons this fall. Trailers have appeared all over social media of one of last years juiciest shows. 13 Reasons Why, season two will be about justice that must be served for the people who caused Hannah’s death.

Another Spartan favorite is a  classic tv show is the return of Full House which is now known as Fuller House. The show Fuller House is on their third season on Netflix.

The singing reality show The Voice returns September 26 for its 13th season.  Blind Joe from Fargo and Kat Perkins from Scranton both did well on previous seasons.

American Idol will also return for next spring, and three people were awarded golden tickets at the open auditions were held in the new Delta Hotels by Marriott, on September 6. Check out a new show or binge on past favorite as the tv premiere season begins!

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TV returns with season and series premieres