Acres of Terror brings spooky fun to FM area

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Located in Leonard, North Dakota, Acres of terror provides scares like no other. When you walk through their corn field, woods, and Leonard’s old high school which is haunted, you are definitely in for a scary treat. Not to mention the crazy bus ride you must go on to get to and from the school. If you’re a fan of clowns and creepy things, then Acres of Terror is for you.

Acres of Terror consists of a whole bunch of scary characters. Some of those characters are: Ziggyd Wolf. Ziggy isn’t your average bus driver. His carelessness has brought him to some strange places. Ziggy makes your safety his number two priority, with number one being you don’t go number two on his bus. There is also Striker who is a mass murderer. He escaped from a maximum-security prison where he was being held for crimes too absurd to mention. He carries a razor-sharp blade and wears a gas mask to conceal his identity.

The original bus driver is Stu Podasso. Stu is currently in retirement due to his destruction of his beloved six wheeled bus, Old Betsy, who has since taken the shape of a pancake. Stu has chosen to step down, turning the reins over to Ziggyd Wolf knowing he could never love another bus. Lastky but certainly not least, there’s Scremit Da Klown. Scremit is a deranged sociopath. After living a hard life in the circus, a psychotic breakdown has driven Scremit to take his repressed anger out on unsuspecting individuals who roam to close to his lair.

The workers for Acres of Terror go ham to give good scares so of course, there are some things people should know before going Acres of Terror. While going through Acres of Terror, you will experience intense audio, lighting, and extreme low visibility. There is also strobe lights, and wet ground and conditions.

If you have crutches, medical brace, or a cast of some sort, it is recommended that you do not enter this attraction because you will be chased by workers, and will be touched by some. Considering you are going to be chased and/or touched by some of the workers, you have to agree if something happens to you, it’s not their fault by signing a contract.

Open every year from September through late October, Acres of Terror does not disappoint. Admission is $25 for adults and $13 for kids thirteen and younger. So, if you like scary attractions and being scared, then Acres of Terror is for you and is 10/10 recommended.

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Acres of Terror brings spooky fun to FM area