Best of Fargo: Hot Chocolate

Tate Schloesser

Young Blood Coffee

Young Coffee Co. featured a quality drink at a mediocre price. The hot chocolate was very good, but I’m not sure it was worth $3.50. It lacked whip cream on top and was not in a very big cup. The service at Young Blood was good. The employees were friendly and easy to start a conversation with. Young Blood offers a good vibe, a good drink, at a good price.   4/5 Stars

2o Below

20 Below had offered a decent hot chocolate. The price was not worth the drink however. Their hot chocolate cost $5.50. It was in a decent sized cup, but they filled a lot of it with whip cream. 20 Below’s employees were very friendly, similar to Young Blood, and the vibe was very welcoming. Overall their hot chocolate was not worth $5.50. 3.5/5 Stars


Babbs Coffee House had a decent beverage. At $3 the drink was well worth it. It was in a good sized cup, with a good amount of whip cream. There was nothing wrong with the hot chocolate, other than it was just average. The atmosphere was very good and so was the service. The overall experience was nice and I would for sure go back. 3.5/5 Star

Atomic Coffee

Atomic Coffee had an average drink at a good price. Their hot chocolate was $2.90. They offered a good size cup and a perfect amount of whip cream. The actual drink was very average. It tasted like a hot chocolate you could make with a Keurig. The atmosphere was decent and so was the service. It’s a good option for people in a hurry who are right downtown. 3/5 Stars

Fryin’ Pan

The Fryin’ Pan has a very good drink. It is unlimited hot chocolate for $2.50. The drink was above average in quality, and the whip cream added a nice touch. The atmosphere however is lacking. The restaurant is not very exciting, but that takes nothing away from the choco. 4.5/5 Stars