Officer Abel begins new accident recom program

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One week of every month, Officer Abel will put on a course for all students called Accident Recom. Accident Recom is a hands-on experience and a real-life detective case.  This will take place on Monday, periods one and two, Tuesday, periods three and four, Wednesday, periods five and six, Thursday periods seven and eight and Friday will be all day. If you go twice a week, it will get six hours off detention hours.

On Monday, period one, students would be doing a classroom exercise. This includes going over different mathematical terms and using physics and how you can use them in the real world. You will have to find the mathematical x by using hands on measurements and drag factors. Students will work through some actual problems Officer Abel made up. That Friday, accident Recom will be all day and there will be a mock accident and students have to find out what happened. They would have to bring an open mind and be willing to learn.

These are similar to former SRO Officer Moen’s cop talks, but one difference is Abel is going to have the students participate. AR will be easy but somewhat challenging. If you like physics, math, speeds, skid marks, come to AR. At one point, there will be a car towed in from FM towing and that car will be crashed and that is the car students must figure what happened to it. Some things will take place outside for about 30 minutes, so students should wear a coat if its cold out. Officer Abel is going to make sure all students are safe but understand the real-world problems officers have to face with every day.

Officer Abel doesn’t like coming early to school just like students. He understands how it’s hard to come to school early on Wednesdays because of buses and other transportation. That is why it’s a great idea to have Accident Recom during the school day. He really wants to get kids involved and going. He wants kids to leave and know that they can do this sort of stuff.

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Officer Abel begins new accident recom program