Boys soccer: morale still high after tough season

Signy Mastel, Copy Editor and Reporter

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Fargo North’s track record for boys soccer isn’t the best–this year’s season has finally finished, and the FNH varsity team did not win any of their games. But even though their track record isn’t the greatest, the players refused to give up hope. I asked Nathan Olson, a junior who was the starting varsity goalie this past season, how he thought the season had gone, and his response was inspiring. “We’ve improved every game… and if we keep this up, we will be able to become a pretty good team.”

Winning isn’t the only goal of the players, however. Sophomore and varsity player, Tate Schloesser, says a great thing about boys’ soccer is that, “You can lose a lot of games and still have fun.” According to Tate, the soccer team is made up of mostly “bros,” and the relationship between teammates is epic “bro-ship.”

Indeed, it seems that Tate’s opinion about the group that makes up the soccer team is pretty popular. Junior Gabe Duncan, another Varsity player, says that the best part about being on the boys’ soccer team is that “it’s a great group of guys.” He also said that at the practice after each game they would discuss what happened during the game and what they could improve. After all, in a sport like soccer, it’s important to be continuously working to get to the next level.

And, while they didn’t win a game, boys’ soccer had been improving steadily. They had been scoring more and more in their games as the season went on, and even had a tie against West Fargo’s soccer team, which is ranked number one in EDC. That’s a significant improvement compared to the rest of the season.

So yes, even though it wasn’t the greatest season overall, it’s pretty obvious that North’s soccer team has been steadily improving, and will be a force to be reckoned with in coming years.

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Boys soccer: morale still high after tough season