Get involved in clubs at Fargo North High School

Elly Kenninger, Junior Editor-in-Chief

 Fargo North High School has around 30 to 40 different clubs. Every single one is different from the others. Spanish Club, Art Club, History Club, Friendship Bracelet Club, Key Club, and FCA are a few that show the immense range of clubs that exist. They all meet throughout the year; some more than others. For instance, Spanish club meets only once a month, while Key Club meets every two weeks. That being said, no matter what your interests entail or current schedule looks like, there is certainly a club that is right for you. Incorporating clubs into your schedule is a big deal to some students. Many teenagers at North are already involved in at least a sport, a musical ensemble, or a theater group. Adding clubs to your already busy school schedule can seem like an unreasonable challenge to take on. Junior Jaden Zander at one time would have agreed. “I always thought I wouldn’t have time

to participate in clubs along with doing my school, sports, and music but I always somehow manage to make it work.” He said. He is currently in five different clubs along with a sport and three musical ensembles. Although an additional time commitment can be difficult, Junior Kaylee McClary has found a way to balance it all. “The main thing is just being able to manage my time. I always try to do as much homework and studying at school as I can. This opens up the rest of my night to participate in my club or sports.” She said. Clubs do not just sacrifice valuable time for nothing. They are also responsible for providing many benefits to their participants. Joining clubs helps you connect with people from all grades at Fargo North. You are able to work and bond with teenagers who have similar interests. “You meet new people that you maybe would not have interacted with otherwise,” Said Mc
Clary. “It really helps you get to know the students who attend your school better.“ Clubs also can help you in the long run. Your future employer or college will be impressed after seeing that you gave up a few hours of your time every now and then. “Joining… will definitely help on a transcript or resume since it is volunteer work” said McClary. Not only can club participation make you look good, but it can also make you feel good. Most clubs have volunteer aspects to them at some point. “It makes me feel like I am doing something good for the community by helping out.” Said McClary. Fargo North has a wide variety of clubs to choose from so there is no excuse not to get involved. Even though they may be the last thing you think you need in your schedule, they can lead to several positive results. Join a club today