Kite Runner: a Heart Breaking yet Touching Story

November 21, 2019

Born in Afghanistan, main character Amir begins his journey growing up in a divided country where he learns of all the prejudices his best friend, Hassan, faces. During Amir’s childhood Afghanistan is facing the downfall of the m...

The Best of Fargo: Festive Fall Coffee

Andrea McClary, Junior Ad editor

November 1, 2018

As the fall season progresses, coffee shops around Fargo continue to get even busier. Tasty fall flavors and specials cover the menus showcasing each shops unique take on the fall season. My first stop of three took us to Atomic...

Fargo North Rowdy Crowd excited for new year

Andrea McClary, Junior Ad Editor

September 28, 2018

When you ask someone what they remember most about high school, you’ll hear replies talking about the memories had with friends, the class clowns and creating new relationships with your classmates. At North High School you...

Bathrooms looking a little cloudy at North

Tanna Schloesser and Jimmy Johnson, Reporter

September 28, 2018

High school culture has changed much throughout the decades, and so have the lifestyles of many students.  Vaping among the youth has become a rapidly hazardous trend. “They hide it in their hoods or in their sleeves...

The best of Fargo: Favorite hangout spots

Andrea McClary, Junior Ad Editor

September 28, 2018

As the school year starts back up and teenagers are being loaded up on homework, the only thing on any North High student’s mind is where can they go to get a break. I found one of Fargo’s best hangout spots to be Teaberry....

Looking back at over 100 years of homecoming

Jack Dorsher, Staff Writer

September 27, 2018

Nearly everyone’s favorite part of the school year, homecoming week is a substantial part of the high school and college experience. Students participate in dress up days, get fired up at the pep rally and cheer on their friends...