Acapulco Mexican Restaurant: Good food for a good price

Are you tired of going to the same, generic Mexican restaurant your entire life? Are you done with wanting authentic Mexican cuisine but never knowing where to get your fix? I have a name for you that will end all these struggles. Acapulco. On the edge of 36 Street S, you will find the answer to all your Mexican food problems. Acapulco is an authentic Mexican restaurant with a huge, diverse menu. The menu ranges from generic American food like french fries, steak, corn dogs, chicken tenders and cheeseburgers to authentic Mexican food like enchiladas, tostadas, fajitas, tacos and delicious dishes like the Cancun platter, carnitas de Puerco, the Acapulco combo, steak a la Chicana and many more.

My experience going to Acapulco was great, the restaurant was spotless, tidy and organized. The service was amazing, the waiters/waitresses came up to me constantly asking if I needed a refill, if I wanted more chips and if the food I was eating was good. The restaurant had a very home-like feel to it, which makes sense because after all, it is a family-owned and operated business. While enjoying the company of your dinner party, you will more likely than not to encounter the playful Spanish music coming from the speakers at an agreeable volume.

The space inside of the restaurant is bright and colorful, the walls are bright shades of orange and the walls are covered in items that relate to Mexican culture. The restaurant has a good mix of tables, booths, and outdoor seating. All of the indoor furniture like booths, tables, and chairs are covered in colorful pictures that relate to Mexican/Latin American culture. Even the outside of the building is covered in color, the roof is made of red shingles and the bricks are bright orange. This restaurant did not slack off when it came to attention to detail, even the inside is built in the Latin American type architecture style.

Overall, Acapulco Mexican restaurant is a very exciting place to be with very high-quality foods, a very diverse menu, and great service. This restaurant is definitely a place for everyone of all ages and all different backgrounds to enjoy.