Atomic Coffee is the perfect coffee shop

Atomic Coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops for a variety of reasons. Its downtown Fargo location makes it the perfect place to have a cup of coffee. The shop is aesthetically pleasing with a calm, welcoming, and homely atmosphere. It has a rustic feel due to the farm doors, wooden and brick walls, exposed vents, and lamps. There are many unique wall decorations that give the place character. For example, there is a decorative artwork that is made up of various sized and colored wheels. The shop is quiet, making it a great place to think and to get work done. Furthermore, the staff are always extremely friendly. They greet the customers with a smile, make conversation, and are helpful when answering questions. They really connect with the customer and make him or her feel welcomed.
This pleasant service extends to the coffee itself. They make it within minutes of ordering and they pay attention to detail. For this trip, I ordered a pumpkin spice mocha. The old saying, “You eat with your eyes,” came into my mind when they gave it to me. The coffee was in a classic, clean, white container and was topped off with whipped cream and dark powder. If half the fun of getting coffee is to post pictures, then this is a great place to do so. The coffee itself tasted amazing. It had the perfect taste of coffee to sugar and chocolate proportions. Unfortunately, the coffee cup didn’t warn me that the coffee may be hot, so I burned my tongue slightly. If you go there, be careful. Despite this, I savored every sip of my delicious drink.
If you’re looking for a new coffee shop away from the chain stores that has character, delicious drinks, and great service, then I’d highly recommend Atomic Coffee. I’d give it five out of five spartan heads.