Volleyball Loses to Red River in an Intense 5 Set Match

The Spartans brought the Roughriders to 5 after dropping the first two sets.


Junior Brooke Swanson goes up for a kill against Red River Tuesday night.

Kim Kadrmas

Last night kicked off the beginning of Homecoming games with North playing Red River at 7. With this EDC game being worth two points, the players and the crowd knew how much they needed to win this game. Sadly, it did not end how we wished, with an overall score 3-2, but it was a great game to watch.

The first set began with senior Karlie Goschen, juniors Georgia Paul, Anachelle Luz, Grace DeJong, Brooke Swanson, and sophomores Emily Skalicky  and Grace Miller for the starters. The Roughriders started off with the first point, but Spartans followed right after. This is how the whole first set played out, ending with the Roughriders winning 25-20. The following set North was lagging a little in the beginning but caught up. However, Red River was slightly ahead most of the set, causing them another win 25-19.

Spartans began the third set with a bang, point after point. North was up 8-0 before Red River even got on the score board. Red River eventually caught up and were just points away, but North held the lead the entire game. They won this set 25-18, bringing us into the fourth set. Spartans were on fire now and continued to work hard and won this set 25-15. The fifth and final set was the deciding factor of who would get two EDC points on the winning side, and who would get two points on the losing side. It was by far the most intense set of the game, and you could see it in the Spartan players faces when the Roughriders were within a few points of winning. This set concluded the game with Red River winning 15-9.

“It was a tough loss, but we did put up a fight after starting the first couple sets down 0-2. We just started down and didn’t play together as a team,” junior captain Anachelle Luz said.

Though this game was a disappointing loss, there was some good that came out of it.

“I’m very proud of how we fought back and worked together in the third and fourth sets. We reacted well to the changes Coach made and trusted each other to get stuff done,” junior Grace DeJong said.

The Fargo North Volleyball Team is ready to work hard in practice and prepare for their upcoming games. They will play at Shanley on Thursday, and at West Fargo next Tuesday.

“We’re using this loss to get into practice, work hard, and come back stronger in hopes for better results,” said Luz.

Kim Kadrmas
The Spartans celebrate a point during their match against Red River Tuesday night.