Canvas instead of Google Classroom

Before computers were becoming official in schools, we argued whether computer documents were better than printed paper, and whether we preferred typing or handwriting. Now, there’s a debate of whether or not Canvas should replace Google Classroom, and there are differing opinions from teachers and students.
Google Classroom was released as an app in August of 2014, and we’ve been using it for much longer than Canvas, which was surprisingly created earlier, in 2011. As a student who is just temporarily involved in school, I don’t mind the change. Teachers who have been working for years and are continuing to work until retirement find Canvas an unnecessary change, and some are even keeping their Google Classroom accounts for access for their students.
Some teachers actually don’t mind switching, such as Misty Joaquin, a teacher who’s written her detailed opinion of how she prefers Canvas in her article “A Teacher’s Take: Canvas vs. Google Classroom.”
“When I consider what I want my learners to do and how I want to teach, there really is no debate, Canvas is the best fit,” Joaquin says.
Teachers like Joaquin say that Canvas offers a wider variety of space for creativity and a place where they can make what they want their students to learn more refined and specific to their liking. Google Classroom on the other hand actually didn’t have much room for creativity or design. Canvas has features such as Blueprint Courses that Google Classroom does not. So long as Google Drive is still accessible through the app, I can actually agree.
Also with Canvas, there are more ways to submit assignments in a simpler way. There’s options to submit a Google Doc, a video, a URL, etc.) Google Classroom was a simpler design, and only included the basic submissions of a URL or Google Doc or file.
If you aren’t a fan of change, Canvas may not be your favorite, but to some teachers or students who are bored of Google Classroom, Canvas proves to be not so bad.